About Soceity "Free Android Application"


It is a Free Android Applciation For Management & Maintenance of Society (Specially for Complexes and Apartments)

Key Features

Attractive NoticeBoard (Dashbord) :

All Members of Society can post & Discuss Society related Text, Images and Videos and can show their view and ideas by even not attending Meetings. You can post meetings, event information or Pic related to complains or Suggestions.

Add Bills :

Authorised Society Members can post details of Bill or Expenses paid by them. Which improve the transperncy and reduce tension of forgating any thing.

Add Receipt :

Authorised Society Members can Issue Receipt anytime anywhere. Members get mail immediatly (if mail address is added).

May I help You :

All society Members can post their any type of requirment anytime. Such as want to sale or Buy flats or Want Flat for rent etc.

Rules :

Rules are important to run any association and Society smoothly. All Society Members can check rules of their society anytime anywhere and after that no body can decline that he was unware of any rules regarding Society.

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Help Desk :

To solve daily day to day problems and requirment no need to search vendors. In this activity all members with their image and fulll infromation with contact no. and email address availble. Every one can contact right person whenever He/She require.

View Bills & Receipts :

Authorised Society Members can check short or full details of bills & Expenses paid by society and they can also check receipt of society. All details available on single click which avoid confusion and bring transiency.

Final Report :

All Authorised Society Members can check Current Position of Society. Means Short Details of opening Balance, Total Receipts and Total Expense and Closing Balance Both Cash & Bank.

View Members :

All Authorised Society Members can check or add details of Each Members any time anywhere all landlords and tenant information available on single click.

Remarks, Notification and Amc Details :

All Society have many important document and information. But when this rewuired never available easily beacuse society is group of members and no one any indvidual has resposinblity to care all this. And post also changes time to time. In this activity you can upload all impornt copyied of your society and also details fo amc and contracts etc.

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Add Short-term details :

Many internal transaction held in society daily it is very difficult to memorize each transaction to solve this it is a unique feature that you can add details of short terms transition and important thing it will not affect the calculation of society funds and accounts

Select or Add Society :

You can select any society and track and check all details of it and you can also add society if you want to record new society information and there is and dummy society to check and understand all the features of Society.

Registered Address

KhatuShyam Infotech Studies Pvt.Ltd. 209, 2nd Floor, Parasmani Complex, Nada Khada Chowk, Bapu Bazar, Udaipur (Raj.) - 313001

Email : Khitsinstitute@gmail.com, dakshdevelopersbegins@gmail.com

About Franchise

Udaipur @ 9414159702

Jammu (J & K) @ 9622572426, Ajmer (Raj.) @ 9829301130, Surat (Guj.) @ 7976129338, Jaipur (Raj.) @ 7014893077, Ahmedabad (Guj.) @ 9998801588, Varanasi (U.P.) 06306121202, Pune (Maharashtra) @ 9403989070